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01Custom 3D plan design

Are you looking to restore your front yard, beautify your facade by adding flower beds or incorporate a complete layout for your new pool? In order to make your project a reality, our team offers custom 3D designs to help you visualize your dream project before the start of the project.

02Peat laying

Did you know that there are many varieties of sod? The final result as well as the quality of the lawn will be impacted. What is the real cost of peat laying? Prices vary, indeed, and they must be based on the quality of products and work. We assure you that any estimate of peat laying on the south shore of Montreal will strictly respect these two criteria. Remember that in any type of landscaping project, peat laying can be a key element.

03Paving stone and installation

Whether you plan to install a paving stone around the pool or in front of your entrance, the Régimbald Development team stands out for the quality of its products and manpower. We assure you that our work in preparation meets the requirements of each product to ensure design sustainability to meet your expectations.


In order to boost your project and respect your budget, our landscape designer can suggest that you combine asphalt with paving stone. The use of asphalt offers many options that you would not have thought without the support of a designer. Create a personalized style and be sure that for each project our team meets the required standards.

05Landscape expert on the South Shore

Régimbald Mallette is your reference for any type of landscaping or landscaping project on the South Shore of Montreal. From paving stones to peat laying, to the choice of lighting, trees and flowers, our landscape designer will offer you a unique design that perfectly matches your budget and your lifestyle.


Régimbald Mallette landscaping also works in the field of carpentry. Entrust us your work of terrace or other constructions outside.

The steps


Get a free evaluation of your landscaping or earthmoving project, with paving stone, peat or asphalt laying. Present your ideas, your concept, and we will adroitly advise you on the following steps.


Your landscaping plan is designed completely or partially, depending on your needs. With 3D models, you can visualize your layout plan and make the necessary adjustments at the right time. Regardless of the size of your project, be sure it will meet your expectations.


The choice of natural landscaping materials and elements is made according to your lifestyle, natural lighting, your tastes and the essential needs in your living space. We will accompany you in your choices by guiding you on the trends that correspond to the style, the orientation of the yard and the necessary maintenance. For every landscaping project, we offer the highest quality products, and we guarantee our work.


Following the discussions and the approval of the 3D layout plans, it is the launch of the works. Our team meets you on the spot with enthusiasm and dynamism. We understand that landscaping can have some disadvantages. Know that our experts make sure to respect the neighborhood and keep the place clean as much as possible. Do you have questions about the deployment of your landscaping project? We are always available to enlighten you and make the necessary adjustments.