Turnkey landscaping

Driveway and front house layout

Turnkey landscaping

With 15 years of experience, Aménagement Régimbald is your reference for the design and realization of your landscaping project. Its multidisciplinary team and its network of professional contacts allow it to take charge of all the steps in order to offer you a real turnkey service.


Fence and pool

Whether you are looking to install a pool or fence your property, our team works with local companies who are committed to the success of your project. Aménagement Régimbald offers to take care of the coordination of work between suppliers of complementary services such as the installation of a pool or a fence. You have ideas in mind? Tell us about your project and we will know how to meet your needs.


Outdoor lighting

What could be better than well-positioned lighting to highlight the architectural design of your property or the plantings in your yard? Lighting is one of the best solutions to enhance your overall landscape design. Hidden under steps, in flower beds or at the base of trees, this lighted addition will give a wow effect and allow you to fully enjoy your decor.


Irrigation system

Because Aménagement Régimbald does not forget any detail, it also takes care of minimizing maintenance by installing automatic irrigation systems. Such systems allow you to better manage the quantity of water used, to target areas according to needs and to control the frequency according to weather conditions. Whether you have a garden, flowerbeds or a lawn, choose a discreet system that gives you peace of mind.