Tips and advices

Discover various tips and advice presented by our landscaping and earthmoving experts

Tips and advices

Maintenance of paving stones, choice of plantations, lighting, watering, whatever the subject, Aménagement Régimbald offers you practical advices

Compaction in landscapingCompaction in landscaping

No matter what type of landscaping project you're planning, soil compaction is a crucial step, and unfortunately one that is all too often neglected. Yet this operation plays an essential role in the stability, durability and beauty of your landscaping. Find out more about the importance of compaction.

Using geotextile in landscapingUsing geotextile in landscaping
Why use geotextile in your landscaping?

Geotextile offers many advantages in landscaping, and for a number of reasons, it has become a must-have item for professionals in the field. Find out more

Repelling ants in sand jointsRepelling ants in sand joints

You see these paths of ants on your paving stone. Little sand dunes are building up on the sand joints. Has an ant farm taken root under your patio? Your landscaping expert has a few tips and tricks to help you get rid of ants.

cedar hedge maintenancecedar hedge maintenance

Pruning, watering, fertilizing... There are many aspects to consider when maintaining a cedar hedge. Our experts offer a few tips to ensure their long-term health.

Drainage in landscapingDrainage in landscaping
Drainage for landscaping

Understanding the purpose and functionality of drainage in landscaping is an essential part of completing a landscaping project. Find out more with advice from your landscape expert.

How to choose your lawn

How to choose your lawn? What type of grass to install? In Quebec, more than ten varieties of grass are available. Discover their particularities.

Setting up an outdoor kitchenSetting up an outdoor kitchen
Setting up an outdoor kitchen

Your landscaping expert suggests the trendy and essential elements to include in your outdoor kitchen design.

Setting up an outdoor fireplaceSetting up an outdoor fireplace
Setting up an outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace enhances the ambiance of your landscape and allows you to enjoy your backyard longer. Check out some tips from our experts.

Be well prepared to succeed in your landscaping projectBe well prepared to succeed in your landscaping project
Planning for a successful landscaping project

Being well prepared for a successful landscaping project is the key to success. What type of project is it, what is your style, what is your budget? Find out more with the advice of your landscape expert.

Maintenance of paving stones for winterMaintenance of paving stones for winter
Preparing the pavement for winter

To find out how to maintain your pavers during the winter, discover our tips on how to prepare them properly, choose the right de-icer for your pavers and some advice on how to avoid ice and leaves accumulation on your pavers.

Garden and lawn wateringGarden and lawn watering
All about watering

Your landscaping expert presents his tips for watering your flower beds and lawn. Discover our tips and tricks.

Driveway, paving stone parking lotDriveway, paving stone parking lot
Choosing the right paver for a parking lot

Choosing the right paver is essential when designing a parking lot. Did you know that some products are more suitable than others?