Setting up an outdoor kitchen

  • Date : Friday, February 3rd, 2023
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Whether it's because there's a BBQ king in your family or simply because you want to enjoy a bistro terrace concept all year round, what better way than with an outdoor kitchen! There is no need to think that this is a project reserved for big budgets, because there are many design solutions.

Outdoor kitchen layoutOutdoor kitchen layout

Before taking action, you should consider several aspects. The space to be used, the location of the cooking elements as well as the water and electricity supply, the type of materials to be used, etc.

Our team offers you some ideas to help you move from dream to reality!

Evaluate before you start

It's all about space! If you want to convert your current terrace into an outdoor kitchen, you must take into consideration certain particularities.

If major work is required, it is very important to work with a professional landscaper. Is there enough room for the machinery? Can the existing layout be respected without causing damage? The experts will be able to tell you what the best options are in terms of design but also in terms of operational functionality.

Functionality, a priority

Outdoor kitchen layoutOutdoor kitchen layout

Of course, when you imagine an outdoor kitchen, the first thing you think of is the BBQ. The cooking area becomes one of the central elements of the design. It is important to evaluate where to position it. Think about facilitating access to all the necessary supplies: water, electricity, propane or natural gas. To reduce the bill and avoid trenches and connection costs, it would be wise to locate the outdoor kitchen near the house. In order not to clog your home or your guests, avoid positioning the cooking area near a window or too close to the dining area.

Depending on the type of furniture and the variety of appliances selected, you will need to plan a fair and functional configuration. Space management will therefore be important in order to leave enough room for the circulation areas but also for the other areas of the outdoor kitchen (work counter, refrigerator space, storage, etc.).

All year round

Complete outdoor kitchen layoutComplete outdoor kitchen layout

If space allows, as well as budget, it would be to your advantage to cover your outdoor kitchen. Despite the weather or cold temperatures, the outdoor kitchen can remain functional all year round. You just have to plan ahead by adding the right elements.

To extend the fun and stay outside in the evening, consider incorporating lights in the form of garland or hanging lights. In spring and fall, a patio heater can be a very effective solution. There are also many models of fireplaces that, in addition to having a functional advantage, add a warm and unifying look to your decor.

The choice of materials

Obviously, since the kitchen is outside, the choice of materials is essential. Choose durable, timeless and weather-resistant materials. Prioritize materials that will require the least amount of maintenance possible. For the structure of your kitchen, professionals will suggest stone, concrete, stainless steel or brick. As for the work surfaces, it would be preferable to choose materials such as marble, stainless steel or granite. These will have the advantage of resisting the whims of Mother Nature and will extend the life of your kitchen.

Over the years, paver companies have developed prefabricated kitchen modules. Permacon and Techo-Bloc are good examples. This type of product is an excellent starting point for the design and layout of your outdoor kitchen.

To make an informed choice, consider matching the colors and style of your outdoor kitchen to the look of your home.

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Content manager

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