Do you know about biophilic landscaping?

  • Date : Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
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In an increasingly fast-paced world, being able to reconnect with nature has become a priority for the vast majority of us. By integrating a maximum of green spaces in our urban environment, we wish to put forward an atmosphere of well-being. This is what biophilic design proposes. Initiated in the 1960's, the concept of biophilia combines the fundamental love of humans for the living elements. Scientific advances in recent years clearly demonstrate the benefits of contact with nature. This pure and natural relationship, which is essential to our physical and mental health, promotes stress reduction, a sense of well-being, positive emotions and attitudes, to name but a few.

How to create a biophilic garden?

The basic principle of biophilia is to integrate elements of nature into your environment. The first thing to think about is plants, both indoors and on the terrace and in the garden. We must make sure to choose plants and shrubs that will allow us to enjoy greenery throughout the year. For example, adding conifers, such as Thuja or Prunus, which retain their color even in winter, is an excellent option.

The use of the right color scheme is also part of the criteria to consider. It is therefore essential to prioritize natural-looking materials and patterns. We will focus on green, blue, yellow and red, colors that are found in nature and that have a positive influence.

The idea of incorporating water into landscaping is also part of the biophilia characteristics. Having the opportunity to listen to the sound of water is soothing and good for the mind. One can imagine a fountain, a water wall, a waterfall or a well-designed pond.

Of course, the materials chosen will play a major role in the respect of the biophile concept. The use of bio-based materials such as natural stone, wood, linen, hemp or wool. Even in small spaces, biophilic design is possible. We can create a vegetal wall, integrate various natural elements and favor natural lighting.

Biophilia; a very trendy concept

Not only is the concept of biophilia found in gardens, but it is becoming increasingly popular on patios, in homes and even in work spaces. Architects and interior designers alike are inspired to create looks that integrate nature into their décor. Creating a biophilic landscape is to be in symbiosis with nature. Consider discussing this with a professional to make your project a success.

Amélie Gagné

Content manager

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