Paving stone and asphalt installation

Paving stone installation

Aménagement Régimbald has distinguished itself for over 15 years by its professionalism and know-how. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and standards in paver installation, entrusting your project to our team means offering quality and satisfaction.

No matter what kind of décor you are looking for, adding paver stones will certainly enhance the value of your property. Whether it is for the creation of landings, sidewalks, pool surrounds, parking areas or the addition of a fire pit or terrace, uni-paving stones are an advantageous choice.

Whether it's a herringbone patterned paver, a large or small slab, they are now available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Just let your creativity flow or let our designer guide you to create a decor that matches your inspiration.

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Why entrust the installation of interlocking paving stones to Aménagement Régimbald?

For their know-how. Recognized for the quality of its work, our team redoubles its efforts in preparing the site. Soil analysis, project location, complete evaluation of the materials required for the work, everything is taken into consideration.

Equipped with its own machinery and all measuring tools, each step (excavation, compaction, application and installation) is calculated so that nothing is left to chance.

Our team takes the time to verify the requirements of each product to guarantee the optimization of their installation as well as the durability of their design.

Other option: asphalt

In order to make your project more dynamic and to respect your budget, our landscape designer can suggest a combination of asphalt and paving stones. The use of asphalt offers many options that you would not have thought of without the guidance of a designer. Create a personalized style and be assured that for each project our team respects the required standards.