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Tips and tricks to solve the problem

Who doesn't love lounging on a terrace in the summertime? Well, we're not alone... so are ants. It's not uncommon to see piles of sand in the joints of paving stones. These little dunes are usually the gateway to, or exit from, an ant farm. How do you solve the problem of ants in sand joints? Your landscaping expert has a few suggestions.

Cleaning and repellent

First, clean and clear the joints. Once you've found the various entry and exit points for ants, be sure to apply a repellent to block access and discourage their return. Many natural repellents have a direct effect on ants.

Visitbaking sodacan be effective in eliminating ants. Simply sprinkle baking soda directly onto the sand joints and rub lightly. This may discourage ants from returning to their nest.

Visitwhite vinegar is a common product also used as a natural repellent against many insect pests. Mix one part white vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle and spray the sand joints generously. Repeat this operation regularly to maintain the repellent's effectiveness.

Other natural ingredients are also known to repel ants. These includecinnamon, coffee grounds, lemon or peppermint essential oil. Sprinkle or spray these natural repellents on sand joints to deter ants from venturing in.

If using natural repellents doesn't produce the desired results, you could use bait traps specially designed for ants. Place these traps near the sand joints, following the manufacturer's instructions. Some repellents sold in supermarkets can be an effective solution. Pay particular attention to the ingredients, especially if you have pets.

In some cases, the anthill has spread over a wide perimeter. Removal of sand from all joints may be recommended. And to prevent the return of ants, opting for a quality polymer sand is the best solution.

Perseverance is the key! To get rid of ants completely, you may have to repeat these steps or combine some of them.

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